Help with vet bills for the elderly

by Caron on January 19, 2017

this image shows an elderly hand stroking a tiny kitten

Help with vet bills for the elderly

Many elderly people living alone rely on their pet as a source of well needed company and having one has shown to lower stress and anxiety levels.

If an elderly person has a dog it is also a great incentive to get out of the house to walk it. This offers not only exercise but also social interaction with other dog owners.

Problems arise when elderly pet owners face large vet bill which prompted me to research what help if any is available and from whom.

The Dogs Trust offer help for people in receipt of state benefits as do the PDSA who offer help to people receiving Council Tax benefit or Housing Benefit.

The RSPCA will also offer help-but what about someone elderly who is not receiving benefits and yet is faced with a huge bill following an accident say ?

My research showed there are no obvious offers of financial help for the elderly with vets bills unless they are in receipt of benefits.

My advice would be to take out some pet insurance and although money is tight for many elderly, for the peace of mind it may be a wise investment.

If you know of any help available, please let me know so I can share with readers.

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Saga’s Rebrand I have just browsed through the first of the newly rebranded Saga’s. No longer the informative magazine for an older person, its more youthful as they feel their  readers are. What they seem to have forgotten is that whilst their readers might be fitter and more active many of them are caring for […]

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