Washing your feet when you can’t reach them

Washing your feet when you can’t reach them

Washing your feet when you can’t reach them is a problem.  Getting older, having back or hip issues or simply being pregnant or overweight – there are many reasons someone is less able or not able to reach to wash their feet.

Not only is it a matter of good hygiene but is also beneficial in ensuring good circulation especially important to anyone who has diabetes so they can monitor the condition of their feet and check for any early signs of weakness or damage.

In the past when I have had excruciating back pain, washing my feet was nigh on impossible. In recent years several products have come to market which has sought to help people.

I like to look of this one, no firm bristles to tickle me!

These seem popular although the pumice apparently doesn’t last too long and appears to be difficult to clean the item.

Product Details These are the JML shower sandals.

To be honest these seem to do the job as well as more expensive examples available. One word of caution though, they do not stick well to baths or shower trays with raised surfaces ( anti-slip “bumps”)

Product Details

These are the most expensive and sometimes you do get what you pay for.

Not cheap but according to reviews good.

“I can’t bend over to wash my feet in the shower at the moment as my hip is playing up, so it is a godsend.
It really gives the top and bottom of my feet a good wash, and even gets between my toes. Since the wife has to do up my sandals she is a lot happier that she doesn’t have to hold her breath while she does it.
I recommend” (Mike Wetherspoon)

“As a 6ft 4 mid-’50s Diabetic keeping my feet in good condition is very important to me. Due to my height bending over in the shower was starting to become difficult.
NOW, with this sandal, my feet especially in between my toes get the attention they need with ease. It leaves my feet clean & refreshed. I would highly recommend this product to other diabetics & people who find it difficult to keep their feet clean”.(Martin)

“Having slipped in the bath/shower twice whilst cleaning his feet this was the perfect solution for my father. I like it so much am thinking of buying one for myself ……. great item”(This customer bought for her 87-year-old Father)
Product Details

This mat offers a higher degree of stability however it is not ideal and I am not sure it will wash between your  toes effectively

Here is a link to where all of these examples can be seen and purchased, please click here. If you do buy an item as a result of this article then a few pennies come my way to help fund the running costs of Caron Cares, so thank you.

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