National Bus Pass for the elderly

The National Bus Pass for the elderly in England entitles the pass-holder to free off peak travel on local buses anywhere in England.

The pass is available to older people or those with certain disabilities. To visit the full site containing this article and information Click Here

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For details of how to apply for a pass or to find out more information about the National bus pass please click on this links.

The booklet and application form are available in large print, audio tape and CD for the visually impaired.

For Devon residents only please telephone the enquiry line on 01392 383688 for further information.
Alternatively the application forms are available from district council offices and tourist information centres.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for a Nationwide Bus Pass ?

Older residents

On the 6 April 2010 the state pension age for women changed. As the pensionable age for women gradually increases from 60 to 65 and over, so too will the age of eligibility for a National Bus Pass for both men and women.

This means that if you were born on or before 5 April 1950, you are eligible for a National Bus Pass from your 60th birthday.

If you were born after 5 April 1950, you can find out the date on which you will become eligible for a bus pass by reason of age by using the table below. If you are still unsure about when you will become eligible from, please contact us for help.
Please do not send in your application more than two weeks before the date you are eligible for a bus pass. Applications made before this will be refused and returned.

Date of Birth Date eligible When to Apply
Before 5 May 1951 now now
6 May 1951 to 5 June 1951 6 July 2012 22 June 2012
6 June 1951 to 5 July 1951 6 September 2012 23 August 2012
6 July 1951 to 5 August 1951 6 November 2012 23 October 2012
6 August 1951 to 5 September 1951 6 January 2013 19 December 2012
6 September 1951 to 5 October 1951 6 March 2013 20 February 2013
6 October 1951 to 5 November 1951 6 May 2013 22 April 2013
6 November 1951 to 5 December 1951 6 July 2013 22 June 2013
6 December 1951 to 5 January 1952 6 September 2013 23 August 2013
6 January 1952 to 5 February 1952 6 November 2013 23 October 2013
6 February 1952 to 5 March 1952 6 January 2014 19 December 2013
6 March 1952 to 5 April1952 6 March 2014 20 February 2014
6 April 1952 to 5 May 1952 6 May 2014 22 April 2014
6 May 1952 to 5 June 1952 6 July 2014 22 June 2014
6 June 1952 to 5 July 1952 6 September 2014 23 August 2014


If you are not eligible by reason of age you must have a disability that falls into one or more of the following categories:

a) Blind or partially sighted

b) Profoundly or severely deaf

c) Without speech

d) Have a disability, or suffered an injury, which has a substantial and long term adverse effect on your ability to walk

e) Without arms or have long term loss of the use of both arms

f) Have a learning disability, that is, a state of arrested or incomplete development of mind which includes significant impairment of intelligence and social functioning.  The disability must have started before adulthood and have a lasting effect on development.*

g) Persons who would be refused a driving licence on medical grounds (excluding the misuse of drugs or alcohol)


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