Helping the elderly remember their tablets

Helping  the elderly remember their tablets can be a challenge, from leaving notes to filling pill boxes for them what else is available.?

There are many forms of plastic dispensing pill boxes available, but if a person has poor sight or is slightly confused they may not be able to work out which tablets are which or at what time to take them.Tablet containers of interest

In the past few years more and more dispensing pharmacies are using blister packs to dispense tablets. This gives the patient the correct medication at the correct time of day.

Did you know that it is possible to have someones’ medication dispensed in blister packs ?

The blister packs are clearly marked “Monday-Sunday” and are divided into either 2/3/4  sections for morning,lunchtime,afternoon and evening tablets.

This takes away the question of “Did I take my tablets this morning?” It is easy to see whether they have been taken or not.

 There are a couple of negative points though,you dont get any spare tablets so if you lose them you are stuck and some find it difficult  to puncture the  sealing paper .  

Pill Bob Meet the” Pil Bob”  an useful gadget that allows blister packs to be opened and the tablets collected in the dish. I am working to obtain supplies of these for readers.

If you would like one please contact me via my contact page and leave your name and address.



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