Shopping trolleys for the elderly

this picture shows a spotted shopping trolley in black and white with a pull along handle

Shopping trolleys for the elderly and also the not so elderly

We all know how heavy shopping bags can be, tins and bottles weigh a ton, as do potatoes!

Shopping trolleys are useful for the elderly and the not so elderly and are now considered useful and practical. Many elderly people find a shopping trolley a great help and spreading the weight helps  to save shoulder muscles and avoids strain injuries. We just need our supermarket shopping trolleys to have a space to store them whist the shopping is being done. I have seen people pushing the supermarket one and pulling their trolley simultaneously !!

There are also many elderly people who favour a sit on shopping trolley or one that supports their weight and helps with balance and mobility. This style of trolley is well balanced and offers an  additional degree of stability as the user can lean on it when it has shopping in.

his shows a square shopping trolley

Other shopping aids are rolators with integral shopping boxes, bags or nets. The downside of these is they tend to have a limited amount of storage and can manage only a few items as they are primarily designed as a walking aid.

this image shows a walking aid with an integral carry box

I will admit that when I am delivering shopping to my home-help customers I use a 2 wheeled shopping trolley and wouldn’t be without it !


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