Why are elderly people so pale ?

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Have you noticed how most elderly are pale skinned ?

So why are elderly people so pale ?

As our skin changes with age its ability to stretch,  its coloration, moisture levels, and ability to protect the body are all affected.

Skin is the largest organ of the body and is where the signs of ageing are noticed most.

Dry, sagging and wrinkled skin are all indicators of the aging process. To most of us these are unwelcome changes.

The skin is the body’s protective coating. It protects against the environment and helps to regulate body temperature. It also helps maintain the body’s fluid and salt balance.

The skin thins with age causing older people to have pale, translucent skin.  The number of pigment cells decrease and those left increase in size and clump together causing age spots that are common in elderly people. These are also called liver spots and are more likely where the skin has previously been exposed to the sun.


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