Dementia and the family

this image shows the front cover of the book, "Dementia and the family"


Good ideas to help you communicate with someone with dementia.

This book “Dementia and the family” written by Rachel Johnstone from Sandford in Devon. I was contacted by Drummond Johnstone, Rachels’ father and was delighted to ask Paul Smith,my resident dementia expert, to proof read their book. I was even more delighted when he agreed.

The forward written by Paul Smith, CEO of Dementia. REP says ” This book helps you help your loved one to stay active, involved and engaged. You will surprise yourself just how much of the person you love is still there – waiting for you to find them. Dementia REP stands for Research, Education and Practice.

“Dementia and the family” consists of 96 pages of suggested activities, in different coloured sections for each activity. An example can be seen in this link. There are 160 intergenerational ideas so family members of all ages can communicate as effectively as possible with the person with dementia. This reduces stress for them and their loved ones.

Sections include;

  • Reminiscence activities
  • Games
  • Arts, crafts and music
  • Relaxation, exercise and outside
  • Home, food and shopping
  • Something for you

There is an introductory section detailing how best to use Dementia and the family and also advice on caring for someone with dementia. There are also “download and do” exercises, and a section about how best to talk to children about dementia.

     For any copy purchased via Caron Cares, I will donate the 5% commission to Young Dementia which is the Purple Angel Ambassador charity for 2014.



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