Test smoke alarms for the elderly

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Smoke alarms save lives. How often do you test the one in the home of the elderly person you care for ?

We are all advised to have a smoke alarms for the elderly are even more essential as they are at more at risk of having a fire at home and less able to escape.

Costing only a few pounds these inexpensive lifesavers need to be tested regularly to check they are working. Dust sometimes enters the unit and makes them less effective.

For the active we can hop on a chair and test them but for the elderly this is inadvisable and we need to remember to test them for them.

My local paper highlighted a new invention from the FireService, a finger on a stick !

This is the latest innovation by my local Devon and Somerset Fire Service to keep people safe by helping the elderly or disabled test their smoke alarms. I am unable as yet to find a picture of this device but will add one as soon as I am able.


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