Plugs made easy

this image shows a single uk pronged plug

Do you know someone who struggles with plugs ?

Even at my tender age I have noticed my hands are not as capable as they were years ago and I struggle with plugs. Elderly people also often have weakened wrists and or arthritis in their hands. A fabulous helping hand is available ( sorry for the pun ) in the form of these extremely affordable and simple to fit and use Plugmate Plug Removers 

this image shows a plugmate plug puller open flat

You simply put the prongs of the plug through the holes of both ends of the plugmate before plugging it in and it creates a handle.  This handle then allows the plug to be removed far more easily.

this shows a plugmate plug puller in use

Available from Amazon in packs of 5 (15 x Plugmate Plug Removers (3 packs of 5))
they cost £4.25 plus a £1.85 postage and package fee. They are also available in shops selling disability aids.


These plug-mates work by slipping the covers over the prongs of the plug before it is inserted into the socket. There is even a handy sticker to identify the appliance the plug related to.

This avoids removing the wrong plug as I so often manage to do.


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