Mo Farah and the superloud doorbell

this image shows the amplicoms doorbell
Mo Farah and the Super Loud Doorbell

Mo Farah has been sent a very loud doorbell after claims he has made a video to prove he couldn’t hear when officials rang his door bell following a second missed drug test.

Specialist hearing company Hearing decided that Mo was the perfect candidate for the superloud doorbell, the amplicomms RF 200, with an amplified ringer as loud as an approaching train!

At 95 decibels Mo would be sure to hear the doorbell, or even see it with its flashing lights!

Selling at £39.99, the Ringflash 200 has been designed for people with hearing loss, and can be paired with a pillow vibrator too, so even in his deepest sleep, Mr Farah is sure to be woken by someone at the door!’s ManagingDirector Gary Hill says, “It’s a bit tongue in cheek really, but we do truly believe this product will benefit Mr Farah if he genuinely can’t hear the doorbell. This product is one of our bestsellers for people with hearing loss as it works with telephones too.”
To buy the amplicomms RF200 Visit: Tel: 0800 032 1301 and I have a special 10% discount for you as a Caron Cares reader. Simply quote CC10 at the checkout or on the phone.

Ring Flash 200 Features:
Telephone/Door ringing tone amplifier with a bright flashing light and a loud tone

Extra loud signal with a 95 dB ringing tone when the phone rings
Volume adjustable
Three different Doorbell ringtone melodies selectable
Choice of two different Telephone ringtone melodies
Includes Wireless Doorbell Push buttonSocket for a PTV 100 vibration pillow pad
Telephone Cable, wall fixings and mains adapter included
Simply connect it between the phone and the wall socket



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