Headphones For People With Hearing Loss

this image shows, a pair of corded headphones.

Amplicomms HS 100LR Headphones

Many elderly people live in sheltered accommodation and the walls are paper thin in some occasions. Coupled to this hearing loss and the need to turn the TV up, sometimes considerably, can sometimes cause issues with neighbours. A good solution is to have headphones. But which ones are good for someone with hearing loss?

This is a genuine product review from someone who has hearing loss and not someone trying to promote them. I have also negotiated a 10% discount for you if this is the first order you have placed with Hearing Direct.Com who have a 30 day no quibble refund policy. Discount details can be found at the end of the article.

These new headphones from amplicomms are an ideal listening home solution for people with mild to severe hearing loss.

Product Review.

I have tested these for several days I have really enjoyed using them at home. The headset is well structured with high quality soft padding, very comfortable to wear and easy to adjust the headset size. It delivers powerful and rich sound quality, good support for low and high sounds. I enjoyed using it comfortably whether it was connected to the TV or my Music Player. The volume can be very loud when set to the maximum.

The design is excellent. You can even fold the ear phones flat for easy storage of the headset which I thought was a clever idea. These headphones incorporate independent volume control allowing separate volume adjustment of the left and right sides. Instead of one standard Volume button amplicomms have designed two buttons, one for the left and one for the right side.

If like me, you have hearing loss in one ear, simply increase the volume in the weaker ear to enjoy fully balanced listening for hours! For me this was the best feature of this product.

This feature would also help people with uneven level of hearing loss in both ears as you will be able to adjust the volume easily to create a 100% balanced Stereo listening.

The headphones come with a 3.1 metre extension lead ideal for connecting to the TV and long enough to reach the settee.  Overall a simple but well-made and excellent quality product strongly recommended.

Juliette Naairess, Mawgan

So if you are tempted don’t forget to quote CC10 when placing your first order with Hearing Direct.com . I am not an affiliate of the company just appreciate the efforts they go to to help people with hearing loss and as such am delighted to promote their products.

However I am very proud to be an affiliate of Active Mobility.

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  1. HS-100LR Headphones.
    Are they suitable with my iPod?
    Do you use them with hearing aids in or out?

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