Rechargeable Hearing Aids

re-chargeable hearing aid

Rechargeable hearing aids

Having watched a client with poor eyesight and limited finger dexterity struggle to change his hearing aid batteries I thought surely there must be rechargeable hearing aids.

These are however not NHS prescription hearing aids and I have no idea how effective they are in comparison.

I do also feel  hearing aid batteries should be available from a wider range of sources.

In my town we have a very large elderly population and hearing aid batteries can only be obtained from the local hospital and Age UK office, both of which have limited parking  hours of opening.

Could large supermarket pharmacies or even customer service desks not provide them?

Please let me know what you think.


Rechargeable hearing aids

This is the product information for the  rechargeable hearing aid shown above.

“They process sound up to 90 per cent faster than traditional analogue models.

The digitalized sound is separated into bands by the tiny microchip in the hearing aid and automatically adjusts to produce undistorted, clear sound. This also provides better accuracy and perception of loudness. Similar Digital Hearing Aids sell for £400 – £1,500!

This incredibly powerful micro-listening device fits discreetly in your ear – instantly magnifying all sounds to your preferred level with adjustable volume control. The slim line carry case doubles as a charging station with LED charging indicators for ease of use and complete portability. Once fully charged the mini digital hearing aid can be used for 8 hours continuously. Auto shut off turns the power off when the case is closed, ensuring the unit is never unwillingly left on.

The Slim Line Mini Digital Hearing Aid comes complete with cleaning brush, 3 x ear caps and rechargeable docking station complete with carry case (2 x AA battery and mains adaptor included).”


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