Why we need potassium

this image shows a lovely bunch of bananas  Why we need potassium

Bananas have earned themselves quite a healthy reputation in the fitness world for the high levels of potassium they contain.

Potassium is an important mineral for a number of bodily functions. Potassium may play a hand in keeping blood pressure at reasonable levels so if you have high blood pressure it may help bring it down. If your blood pressure is at normal levels, this nutrient may reduce your risk of developing high blood pressure in the future. Potassium can also keep your heart healthy and strong, which can in turn keep your entire cardiovascular system in peak condition.

In addition to the cardiovascular benefits of potassium, studies show that this mineral may contribute to stronger, healthier muscles. It can also help your body store energy to use later, rather than converting it to fat. Potassium can reduce your risk of stroke by up to 40%, according to one study. It may also help the body reduce stress, and protect you against kidney disease and obesity. That’s a lot for a single mineral to do, so it’s no wonder that many doctors are recommending we add more potassium to our diets.

Good sources of potassium.

While many people will opt for a potassium supplement to ensure they get the recommended daily allowance, it is always better to get essential nutrients from the food we eat. The good news is that there are many delicious sources of potassium .

• Sweet potato
• Baked potato, baked in the skin
• Raisins and sunflower seeds (trail mix, anyone?)
• Tomato products, such as paste and puree
• Spinach
• Bananas
• Cantaloupe and apricots
• Low-fat dairy products like milk and yogurt
• Soy beans, lima beans and lentils
• Prunes and prune juice
• Orange juice
• Almonds
• Fish such as salmon, halibut, clams and tuna

New research continues to discover the benefits of sufficient potassium. If you can, try to get most of your mineral through your diet, with three to six potassium rich selections daily.  an option as well. Keep your heart, muscles and the rest of your body in top condition with a hefty serving of potassium every day.

A banana a day keeps the doctor away.

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