Fostering the elderly ?

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Would fostering the elderly work ?

Watching the news one morning about a couple who had foster children removed from their care (due to their political affiliation) and it started me thinking !

As we are all living longer the burden of care in obviously going to increase. Not everyone has had children and in some cases where they have there is estrangement.

Would it work to introduce Elderly Fostering ?

This would need to be funded in part by social services/the government as an affordable alternative to residential care homes and there would need to be strict guidelines to implement.

I am sure there are plenty of people who are alone themselves who would be happy to care for an elderly person in their home. What do you think ?

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Designer of the Dementia Assistance Card and Points Of Light award recipient, Caron hopes to help carers when resources are limited and demand is ever-increasing. I am here to support you.


  1. I’m carer in the community I live alone in a 3 bedroom house in bedworth I would love to foster an elderly woman please could you send me information on how I can thank you nanette

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