Aqua paint for people with Dementia

Active Minds and age appropriate activities for someone with dementia. I love these so much I am sharing them again!

this image shows a hot air balloon from Active Minds

I have been a big fan of the games and activities available from Active Minds for a while and today I am reviewing their Aqua paint collection. Four different themed “water revealing pictures” a bit like magic painting that I had as a child. They work using just a wet paintbrush to reveal beautiful pictures.

The first thing I noticed was the quality packaging. The external envelope was strong card displaying the company logo and the wording ” Meaningful activity , mindfully designed “. When I opened this envelope I was greeted by another beautifully presented smaller envelope containing 5 “Days out” Aqua paint pictures.

this image shows a painted picture of one of the Queens guards in his red jacket and busby

The pictures are of a sailing boat, Queen’s Guard in his busby, hot air balloon, couple ballroom dancing and a couple sat in a deck chair. Varied and interesting and conversation starters, what I also really loved were the instructions on the back of the packaging especially ” let the painter make each brushstroke by him or herself exploring outside the lines if they choose to” – ” It can help to reassure the person that there’s no rush – Aqua painting is designed to be a therapeutic activity”.

The picture are revealed using a paintbrush and water, nothing else and once done can be wiped dry with a cloth. Once dry they will fade back to white again ready to be reused as many times as you like.

There are 4 collections, Natural World, Every day, Loves and Days Out and cost £14.99 each and I have one to give away. All you have to do is share this post to Face Book, comment “Active Minds” and share it. I will choose one lucky winner at random. Good luck.


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