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As someone who has a keen interest in products and services to help anyone with sight loss this really excited me. Give Vision are developing software for head-mountable wearables – Goggles and Glasses that have the potential to transform the lives of millions of people across the world who have visual impairment.

The Goggles pictured above provide a hands-free solution designed for home/office use and offers the ability to enlarge text and enhance the remaining sight for people with limited vision.

GiveVision SightPLUS Goggles will help with reading, watching TV and recognising items while keeping your posture right and hands free.

The Device includes a headset, a remote control (with just 4 buttons), and a built-in flashlight for low-light conditions. This solution is suitable for people that have low vision such as Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, RP, etc. Typically – if you are able to use a CCTV magnifier – this is right for you!

this image shows smart eye glasses. Wearable tech to help people with sight loss.

Another other product being produced by Give-Vision is the Smart Eye Audio Feedback spectacles. They contain software that allows smart glasses to recognise objects, product packaging, currency, text and colour. They allow someone with sight loss due to any condition to be able to shop independently and continue to read.

Being trialled extensively at the moment with the technology being available sometime in the next 12 months I am sure you will agree this is a very exciting development. My future Daughter in Law has impaired sight and will be trialling the goggles. I will share her thoughts and findings here.

If you would like to join Sasha and take part in the free Trial it helps if you live near London, Birmingham, Eastleigh or have access to skype for training purposes. If this is the case then use this link to register your interest.


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