Hot drinks with out the risk of scalding

Breville VKJ142 Hot Cup

One cup water boilers are easier and safer

Older people are at the highest risk for fatal injuries from burns and scalds – four to five times greater than the population as a whole. Pre-existing conditions often contribute to their deaths.

Contact burns to those over 65 can prove to be fatal. Frail and poor health are often contributing factors. The main sources of heat include radiators, electric fires and cookers. Many are scald injuries, involving the use of kettles.

These are an ideal alternative for an elderly person who is struggling to use a standard kettle.

Get your favourite cup or mug and fill it nearly to the top with cold tap water. Pour this into the reservoir at the back of the dispenser. Place the tea bag or coffee into the mug and place it on the drip stand of the water boiler.

Then click the on button to heat the water and within seconds you have a cup of boiling tea or coffee in the making.

No heavy kettle to fill and no judging how much water you are pouring into the cup. This is a real plus for anyone with poor sight who can’t see when the mug is full.

Available from Amazon in different styles and prices and if you buy one using the link box at the side of this post or the link above, I receive a 5% commission and it costs you no more. I use this to help cover the costs of the dementia assistance cards.

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