Gardening tools for the elderly

The sun comes out and our thoughts turn to gardening

Many people love gardening and with the extra time retirement allows this often increases with age. However ageing causes many people struggle to maintain their gardens as they would wish.

Many employ the services of a professional gardener to take some of the strain but still like to potter and keep their hobby going. This helps maintain a healthy body and mind, all important fresh air and exercise and feeling useful and independent.

There are several gardening tools for the elderly to assist.

Raised flower beds are an obvious answer when it becomes more difficult to use a garden kneeler due to immobility problems.

long handled tools are available taking away the need to kneel or bend forward such as this garden grabber for picking up leaves and trimmings.

This is a Long Handled Trowel which makes digging holes for plants and bulbs easier.

There are now special gardening gloves for people with arthritic hands. These provide both targeted support and extra grip.

Product Details

This I loved when I saw it! A  Garden Stool on Wheels ! I have a raised wall garden myself and this would be ideal.

Product Details

This Folding Seat and Kneeler is a help both getting down to the ground and provide a steady hand when getting back up also.

This list is not exhaustive and I will add to it as I find more useful items. These items also make a wonderful Christmas or Birthday gift for and elderly garden lover.

I do have to add that if you do purchase any item via my links I do earn a few pence towards the running cost of Caron Cares,  so many thanks in advance.


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