Gardening for the elderly

this shows a beautiful garden

Do You Know Someone elderly who Loves Gardening?

My Grandparents loved their gardening, really loved it, acres and acres of lawn, fruit cages and flowerbeds. When they started to get really elderly they also started to really struggle to maintain the garden. When my Grandfather later found himself wheelchair bound the only way he could be involved in the garden at all was with raised flowerbeds.

As Winter fades and we look forward to Spring, thoughts turn to gardening. If you know someone elderly who loves gardening, don’t allow age-related problems stop them from doing it. For ideas and designs that can make a garden more user friendly there is the Gardening for the Disabled Trust.

The Trust, which was formed 41 years ago, is an entirely voluntary organisation and relies on the energy and determination of the Committee and Trustees. Run from the Weald of Kent, the Trust gives grants to people all over the United Kingdom in order that they may continue to garden, despite disability or advancing illness. A person of any age can apply. It is their love of gardening that counts!

For a small annual cost someone elderly can join the “Garden Club” which entitles them to advice on designs, answers to gardening related questions and also means they can apply for grants to help pay for modifications such as raised flower beds.

Gardening Tools for older and less able Hands.

There are several companies offering ergonomically shaped garden tools for older and less able hands. design2enable have some lovely hand tools whilst Amazon also showcase gardening tools from several companies.




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