Circulation Boosters

this image shows the revite circulation booster machine

Circulation Boosters

Exercise at home during the winter and keep your circulation moving plus reduce swelling and ease aches and pains with a Circulation Booster.  It is also a useful and thoughtful Christmas present for someone elderly if you are struggling with ideas this year.

If you have swollen feet and ankles, painful legs and joints or poor circulation, the Circulation Booster can help. It’s scientifically proven to improve circulation and reduce swelling, joint pain and numbness.
This device works by sending tiny electrical impulses through the nerve endings in the soles of your feet to the lower leg which in turn stimulates muscle contraction and improves circulation. It works off the mains so there is no need for batteries.

The circulation booster has already helped thousands of people treat their symptoms and improve their general well-being as a result. Just 30 minutes a day in the comfort of your own home the Circulation Booster will give you a significant and long lasting improvement in circulation along with pain relief.

Many people, including those who are active, find this gentle boost to their circulation very beneficial.

How it works and what to expect:

Your legs contain a series of muscle driven pumps and one way valves, a system called the “second heart”, to pump the blood back up through your body. When leg health is not maintained due to age or illness your “second heart” weakens.

The applies mild electrical muscle stimulation to your feet to activate your “second heart”. Immediately the blood is pumped back up through your legs, improving your blood flow and reducing fluid retention around the ankles. With regular use of the Circulation Booster you should expect a significant improvement quickly in the following areas:

  • Improvements to your circulation and reduction of pain and swelling
  • Improvements to energy levels and aided relaxation
  • Prevention of venous stasis thereby reducing the risk of DVT and Pulmonary Embolism
  • Alleviation of aching feet and tired legs

So, simply plug it into the mains, sit in a comfy chair, read a book or watch your favourite TV programme while you treat yourself to better circulation!

The Circulation Booster™ also includes four electrode pads which you can use to target points of pain such as your painful knees, aching back or tender elbow. Alternatively the pads can be applied to acupressure points.
As the pulses cause the muscles to repeatedly contract and relax, the Circulation Booster’s electrode pads can also be used to strengthen specific muscle groups.
Medical opinion: 
“We have tested and used the Circulation Booster and have found that it is very effective at stimulating the muscles of the calf and lower leg, causing a very good increase in blood flow. I am so impressed that I will be using it myself.” – Mr Mark Whiteley, Consultant Vascular Surgeon and Director of the Whiteley Clinic.
It is important that you DO NOT USE the Circulation Booster™ if you are:
  • Pregnant
  • Fitted with a pace maker
  • A sufferer of epilepsy
  • Currently suffering from Deep Vein Thrombosis


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I endorse Active Mobility as I personally know the company and they offer amazing customer service, swift despatch and FREE UK delivery.

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