Preventing Leg Ulcers


Preventing Leg Ulcers.

Preventing leg ulcers is vital.

I have first hand experience of leg ulcers as I dressed them for my mother in law for almost two years. It is not so much the ulcer itself that causes distress to the elderly person, it is the exudate.

Exudate is the fluid that leaks from the ulcer and makes the dressings wet and in turn cold. I arrived to a 95 year old lady this morning and her ulcer had leaked. Her bed was soaked and so were her dressings. This had not only made her uncomfortable but also miserable and weepy.

3 Top tips to preventing leg ulcers

  • lose weight –¬†excess weight contributes to high pressure in the leg veins, which can cause damage to the skin.

  • Wear a compression stocking at all times when out of bed. Your GP can advise you about them and the products available to put them on.
  • Moisturise your legs regularly. This not only helps keep the skin in good condition it also encourages good circulation.

You are also more at risk of developing an ulcer if you have had one previously.

My mother in laws’ ulcers took 2 years to heal.

I found washing her legs daily and then moisturizing actually healed them.

(However, consult your medical adviser before you do so.)


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