Animal Wool


Animal wool. What is it and what do you do with it

I was introduced to animal wool by one of the ladies I work for as a home help. She had recently visited a chemist  who are a large chain store to buy some and was told ” Madam this is a chemists not a wool shop “.

Animal wool is the natural and traditional way to protect sore areas on the foot and has been recommended by foot care specialists for years. It is an affordable alternative to corn and bunion pads and plasters and especially useful if someone has a sensitivity to them. The Animal wool is what it says on the box, sheep’s wool. It provides padding and pressure relief from sore toes caused by various foot complaints such as corns, chilblains, bunions.

Costing only £2.58 with free UK delivery Animal wool is worth trying for someone you care for or even yourself. I can personally recommend it as I have a terrible left foot with a birth defect on my baby toe and an arthritic big toe that needs an op – you can imagine how many corns I get cant you?









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