Porridge the superfood


this image shows a bowl of porridge with a spoon and some brown sugar.

Porridge the super food.

I am a huge fan of porridge. Made easier by the ready measured packs so you always achieve the correct consistency its a breakfast superfood that is a must for us all.

While the beauty of porridge is in its simplicity, there’s now another reason to love this most wholesome of breakfasts – according to a US study, people who eat plenty of oats and other whole grains live longer and are less likely to suffer from heart disease or other vascular conditions such as strokes  due to its Cholesterol lowering compounds.

 It is also high in fibre and low in fat. Being a slow release carbohydrate it keeps you feeling fuller for longer and reduces the need to pick between meals.

Porridge is a nutritious and energy providing breakfast which can aid weight loss if required and is easy for the elderly to eat little chewing is needed if they have dental problems. To make it it more calorific if someone needs to gain weight, which many older people need,  you can add cream and sugar.

Porridge oats can also be enjoyed uncooked and simply require soaking in milk overnight and then add some sugar, banana or fruit to taste. This is a tasty alternative if someone is unsafe to cook.


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