10 Secrets of Healthy Ageing

this image shows Patrick Holford, a renown nutritionalist

Patrick Holford author of “The 10 Secrets to Healthy Ageing

I do think that diet and health are key components to good health and healthy ageing. Whilst not all conditions can be effectively controlled by nutrition alone, the many side effects of widely prescribed medication means a little research into alternatives may be beneficial to us all.

I have read some of Patrick Holford’s books and implemented some of his ideas with beneficial results.

Patrick Holford is a British nutritionist/nutritional therapist and author. He appears regularly on television and radio in the UK and abroad and has 34 books in print in 24 languages.

He is also a major proponent of a low Glycemic Load diet as ideal for weight control, diabetes, heart disease and cancer prevention. Patrick proposes that many chronic diseases are better treated with diet and supplements than with pharmaceutical drugs and that modern medicine has become too dependent on pharmaceutical drugs.

The “Ten Secrets of Healthy Ageing” is interesting and covers ways to reduce arthritic stiffness through diet , amongst  other subjects. Following his advice may very well mean you could arrive at older age in amazing health and avoid hospitalisation and care needs for as long as possible.

It was following reading one of his books I stopped taking Volterol which I had taken for over 15 years for joint pain. It was not good for my stomach and the pain is no worse now.


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