Low Vision Aids

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 Low Vision Aids


A low vision assessment will help people with central vision loss decide whether items like magnifiers will be of benefit to them and teach them how to use them.

There are also ways they can learn to use the vision they still have more effectively. Low vision services are about making the most of the vision someone has.

Low Vision Aids (LVAs) are pieces of equipment, which help  make the most of  vision where there is sight loss. Magnifiers, colour contrast products and products with increased print size are some examples of Low vision Aisa. Items such as task lights, and anti -glare glasses can help someone  help someone function more effectively and comfortably whilst doing visual tasks.

Low vision services are based either in local hospitals or opticians and are offered in the community or by a local society for blind and partially sighted people.

To find out about your local service and how to get an assessment you can ask your GP, hospital eye department, or local council sensory team for a referral.


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