Flexyfoot ferrules and canes

this image shows the word flexyfoot in black text and a green footprint

this image shows the distinctive flexyfoot walking stick ferrule

Those of you who have followed Caron Cares for a while now will know how much I love the  Flexyfoot Ferrule. Now they have also produced a range of Flexyfoot walking sticks, canes and crutches. They even have a Flexyfoot Folding Walking Stick. What many customers like is Flexyfoot have a hiking pole which offers support when walking but doesn’t look like a walking stick.

However it is not just me who love the safer and more comfortable to use products read what their happy customers have to say.

“If you want the best, then forget the rest. It’s Flexyfoot every time!” – Nicola Butler, June 2015

David Goodwin – Flexyfoot Founder ; CEO says,

We love our customers. They always take the time to send us their feedback and reviews of our products, and put a big smile on our faces every morning! We’ve sampled some of the best reviews below. Thank you everyone, it really makes our work a joy!

Just in case you are new to Flexyfoot, why and how it came to be and how beneficial they can be, please watch this short video.


this image shows a man going down hill on a pair of crutches

“Using flexyfoot ferrules on a 3 day trek in the mountains of Hawzen , Northern Ethiopia at 2700m, here descending a steep 200m cliff.  I’ve recently switched to Flexyfoot after 26 years on regular ferrules and really notice the difference, cushioned ride and better grip on rough terrain.” – Ian Attfield, November 2014.
this shows an older gentleman using flexyfoot crutches

“The spring-loaded feet took a bit of getting used-to, but now I can travel at some speed, thanks in no small part to the better grip from the actual bottom of each foot-pad. So I’m guessing the actual material has a better co-efficient for more traction. This also does wonders on stair-steps and offers the user a greater degree of confidence.” – Jim Northrop, January 2015.

flexy3“I’d like to say how much I like your product. My name is David Hubber and I’ve been using Flexyfoot since September last year.
I became a double gold medalist in the inaugural Invictus Games whilst doing Recurve Archery. Your product has helped to prevent my walking sticks and crutches from slipping in the gymnasium environment whilst getting in and out of my wheelchair, which in turn has given me the confidence to carry out my sport whilst knowing I’m safe from slipping around.” – David Hubber, March 2015.

For more information or to buy a Flexyfoot hiking pole, Flexyfoot ferrule or folding walking stick please use these links.


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