Be safe, Be seen

black and white picture of a dummy/model sat on a mobility scooter

Keep scooter users visible.

Following on from my earlier post on the poor driving skills of SOME mobility scooter users I personally witnessed an accident waiting to happen the other day and watched in sheer disbelief.

At a busy crossroads and elderly scooter driver drove into the road and was very nearly in collision with a blue Rover as it turned right. The scooter driver was not clearly visible, he had no florescent vest/jacket and all I can say is he was a very lucky man that day.

You wouldn’t let a child ride a bike without a cycle helmet and until mobility scooter manufacturers wise up to the fact that it is their responsibility to make them far easier to see then it is our responsibility.

These vests cost a few pounds and sometimes you can get them from them from poundstores and they can be put on the back of a scooter and really keep someone visible and maybe save their life. This led me to raise funds via Rotary and provide 80 vests to scooter users in my town.

this image shows the high viz vests from rotary


To buy a vest ( not one of mine !) one please click here.

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