Flu jabs may prevent strokes

this image show a flu BUG !!!


There is now even more reason to make sure that the elderly get their flu jab. Research at Lincoln and Nottingham University has discovered that flu jabs may prevent strokes.

It was shown that in an analysis of 47,000 medical records those who had had a flu vaccination were 24% less likely to suffer one.

Doctor said the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as strokes may in increased with infections of the lungs and airways which peak in the Winter.

The researchers have however said that whilst they cannot prove direct cause and effect between having a flu jab and lowering stroke risk, these finding merited more investigation.

Whilst the cause of strokes are still not completely understood it is known that classical risk factors such as age, smoking and high blood pressure can account for almost half.

These findings are positive and further reinforce the UK’s national flu vaccination programme with reducing the risk of suffering a stroke seeming to be an added benefit.


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