This image shows the contents of the home testing kit

Living with an allergy?


This image shows the home test kit


 Living with an allergy?

I have lived with an allergy to furry animals most of my life caused by what is known as pet dander. I also have family members who struggle with hay fever and food allergies so I genuinely understand how miserable this can make you feel. The discomfort of swollen eyes and constant sneezing caused by pet dander or hayfever is no fun and can spoil your enjoyment of life. It may also cause issues and work and cause you to take time off. Did you know as many as one in five people struggle with hayfever at some point?

At the moment we all know how the NHS is under massive strain due to Covid. It’s struggling under the monumental pressure of not only treating tens of thousands of incredibly unwell people with the virus and long covid but it’s also stretched to its limits now working to roll the vaccinations out to millions of us.

Experts are already warning how these challenges are meaning all non-essential treatments could be delayed for the unforeseeable future. Allergy testing in health care settings may not be seen as essential, but if living with allergies is making your life miserable it is for you.

A home test solution

Knowledge, the understanding of what causing your allergic reaction is the first step on the path to being able to manage it. is the home testing solution. Ordered easily online here, the kit is sent to your door within days with a No quibble 30-day money-back guarantee. I should mention this guarantee only applies if the test kit is unused and the sample has not been sent to the testing laboratory.

Test for 294 allergens in one test

One hundred years of innovation has resulted in this home-to-lab testing kit with its ability to test for 294 different allergens. With one in four adults and one in ten children living with allergies and many of us suffer in silence avoiding an appointment with their GP. Certainly, at the moment and for the last 12 months most people have avoided GP surgeries entirely.

The home test kit comprises of

  • A welcome card containing your unique activation code with a guide to how to use it.
  • Your step by step guide to how to use your home test kit plus 10 things you need to know
  • Sterile alcohol wipes to sanitise your finger before using the finger pricker
  • A finger pricker. If you have ever given blood or had a blood glucose test you will have had a finger prick test
  • A sample tube to place your blood sample into
  • A plaster for your finger
  • A stamped addressed envelope for you to send your sample to the partner laboratory
This image shows the contents of the home testing kit
living with an allergy

To be able to test yourself at home with a simple finger prick test keeps you save and sets you on the way to finding out what is causing your allergy. The test gives you an idea of your sensitisation.

Sensitisation is the term used when your body produces a large number of antibodies in response to an allergen. If the next time you are exposed to the same allergen and you have no allergic reactions it means you are sensitised to that allergen.

Your blood sample is analysed in a hospital laboratory and whilst home testing kits are helpful Klarify always recommend you discuss your results with your GP. At present many surgeries are providing digital platforms to facilitate communication.

Did you know that in the event of pet dander, microscopic particles and in some cases larger ones can be transferred on items of clothing onto places such as airline and train seats? Pet dander is a protein and for some people, the reaction can be severe. I can’t go within a few feet of guinea pigs without my eyes swelling, nose running, sneezing and my throat tightening up.

The home testing kit provides you with everything you need to simply and safely take a blood sample and send to their partner lab with results being sent to you within 2 weeks. I need to emphasise that the test itself does not identify your allergy. The home testing kit means you are safely and conveniently able to have your allergy tested for during a time most of us are abiding by the rules of lockdown – stay home, stay safe.

This image shows a smart phone and the Klarify pollen app
Living with an allergy

Klarify understands what it’s like living with an allergy and have not only created a pollen forecast app for you they also have a really helpful know-how page on their website sharing lots of interesting and helpful information relating to allergies.

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