No tie shoe laces

this image shows some coolnice- no tie shoe laces in white.

No-tie shoe laces.

Bending down to tie laces gets harder as you get older, it’s also tricky for anyone with a bad back or someone who is heavily pregnant. Over the years, I have tried various elasticated laces for my elderly clients and have just discovered these. Apart from the odd name “cool-nice” they are the best I have tried so far

Apart from the odd name “cool-nice” they are the best I have tried so far! What makes these different is that each “lace” is an individual piece of silicone that fits into the two corresponding eyelets. They fit well and are pliable and durable and above all comfortable. I have found with some of the coiled elastic “no-tie” laces that they tend to be bulky inside the shoe, making it less comfortable to wear.

These would make a useful stocking filler and are affordable at £6.99, available from Amazon. Far cheaper than buying a new pair of slip on shoes.  If you buy them via one of the ad links to either side I earn a few pennies and it costs you nothing extra.(Thank you).

They are available in many colours and if you are buying some for someone elderly you may also consider buying some for any children in our family. They are mix and matching the colours to make a cool fashion statement.


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