Can I shower or bath with a broken Limb?

a broken leg in plaster Can I bathe or swim with a plaster cast?

Many elderly people fall and break limbs, usually arms and legs and although not technically a limb their hips. A broken hip requires surgery and or replacement and whilst less serious a broken arm or leg is still a nuisance.

There is the commonly asked question of “How can I shower or bath with a plaster cast?”

My eldest son broke his arm about 1o years ago two weeks before our holiday to Majorca. We were concerned as obviously he would find it difficult being in water it was the hottest year on record there.

We discovered a company called “ProteCtacast” who sent us a full arm cast cover. This was a tough rubber cover that went from the shoulder to finger tips and not only allow our son into the water , he could still swim.

The only problem we found was it was difficult to put on and take off. This is obviously necessary as it would not be watertight otherwise. However the company have addressed this to a point and there is now an applicator for the covers being a sturdy plastic ring which can be gripped whilst pulling it over the cast. As the applicator ring remains inside the ProtectaCast, the cover should not be fully submerged but it is ideal for showering.


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