Poor Sight – BT help.

this image shows a green phone

 Phone book print too small for someone to read ?

If you can’t read or hold the phone book due to visual impairment, illness or disability, you can apply for free 195 directory enquiries from B.T.

Once you have successfully signed up to the service, all you do is dial 195 and speak to an operator who will find the number you require. If you ask to be connected to the number you require, you will then be charged for the call you make according to the call package that you have with your provider.

There is no charge for this service and registered customers also don’t pay the BT 1471 and BT 1571 call return fee, which are usually charged on top of normal call charges.

Call 0800 587 0195 to request an application form for someone. The form will need to be signed by a medical professional who knows the applicant such as your doctor or nurse.

Customers are provided with a card and pin which has to be stated when using the service. It is also possible to nominate another person to use this service for you. I am a nominee for one of my ladies and it is so easy to use.




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