The Jumbulance Trust

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The Jumbulance Trust 

The Jumbulance Trust is an unwell and disabled travel charity that exists to make it possible for severely disabled and unwell adults and dependent elderly persons to travel on holidays and day outings which for most would be virtually impossible by air, rail, standard coach or any other means of transport.

You can hire a Jumbulance to take a party to see local places of interest or maybe disabled supporters of your favorite sports club to watch a match or sporting event.

You can hire a Jumbulance for a longer period, perhaps to take a group on holiday or on a pilgrimage to places all over mainland Europe, as far as Poland, Austria and Italy.

Disabled Travel Charity

With all the special facilities in a Jumbulance you can travel safely and in comfort during the day and throughout the night (subject to EU Regulations) with no need even to leave the Jumbulance when crossing the Channel, if someone’s  disability or illness makes it inappropriate to do so.

They have fully  equipped coaches and ambulances feature easy access platform lifts, stretcher trolley beds, disabled wash rooms and wheelchair storage. People can either join an already established group or hire a jumbulance for a private group. For more details please use this link and they can alternatively be contacted by phoning 01582 831444.


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