Staying in touch with the elderly

this image shows the respexi tablet from Samsung

Respexi is the tablet device that makes staying in touch with the elderly easy for all.

Many elderly people are tech curious but feel they are too old to learn to use a tablet device. Not only is the Respexi easy to use it works to bring the outside world into the home of an elderly person who is isolated.

Respexi is an innovative and easy-to-use touch  screen tablet which enables family, friends and carers to stay in touch  with the elderly through messages, reminders, face-to-face video calls , plus it has a radio.

With Respexi’s 30 years of experience supporting and empowering individuals with independence through technology and customer support, they are happy to assist new users along what is sometimes a daunting path of new technology.

For someone with dementia the Respexi enables loved ones or carers to remind them that they need to take medication. It provides a simple unobtrusive way to maintain constant contact offering loved ones peace of mind when they are unable to be there in person.

The photo above shows Respexi with a yellow background which is the best colour for anyone with sight loss. Below is the white background. Staying in touch with the elderly has just become easier and I can see employers providing staff members with these to prevent the loss of work hours amongst those with elderly parents needing support.

this shows the Respexi tablet from samsung  with a white background

The Respexi also offers a carer log with  a note storage facility for continuity. It has the capability to make one touch video calls, it stores photos and has a diary and radio. It costs £399 and then has a monthly charge of £27.99 to cover monitoring costs.



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