Small meals for the elderly

this image shows four of the range of little dish meals designed for children

Small meals for the elderly that are also tasty and nutritious.

Little dish meals are designed for young children but are also ideal for the elderly who have far smaller appetites. Hilary Graves the co-founder of  Little Dish set out to create a  range of fresh healthy meals for toddlers and young children that could also be ready in minutes.

What I have found with many supermarket ready meals is they are large enough to feed an elderly person twice. We all like variety so it means cooking the meal and then freezing half for another day. The Little Dish meals are the perfect size and the meat is chopped into small pieces and TENDER ! I am sure supermarket chicken dishes contain a rubber equivalent to chicken, tough and un-chewable!

Although the meals are small they contain a high content of assorted vegetables and contain 2 of 5 of our 5 a day. Also great to know is they contain no added sugar, have no additives or preservatives and have a low salt content. There are also vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free choices.

The meal range consists of the follow choices;

  • Classic beef lasagne
  • Fish pie with salmon and Pollock
  • Mini cheese ravioli with a tomato and veg sauce
  • Pasta with herby bolognese
  • Cottage pie with six veg
  • Pasta with cheese, peas and broccoli
  • Mild and creamy chicken korma and rice
  • Chicken and butternut squash pie
  • Chicken and veg risotto
  • Spaghetti and mini meatballs

Another great alternative to Little Dish is the smaller appetite menu from Oakhouse Foods who deliver frozen meals to the door and also offer a full grocery list too. For more information click here




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