Purpose built retirement property


this picture shows a steep car park and cars parked in it

a picture of a red brick block of flats with a steep path and hand rails leading to them










 Purpose built retirement property for the elderly

I know this building is not modern but this is a purpose built retirement property for the elderly. It houses a block of purpose built flats. Older adults eventually become elderly and as such this steep path which is slippery when wet is enough to make a resident isolated for fear of negotiating it and slipping or falling.

Dray Court is by no means an exception when it comes to being impractical for the elderly residents. Built in 1979 as a retirement and sheltered development it 3 storeys high and has no lift! the bathroom door opens outwards into the hall way limiting access and the door for the storage room also opens outwards clashing with the lounge door. Doors , doors, doors and then we have the heavy fire door (needed of course) on the landing which is really hard to manage and use a walking aid.

The car park also shown above is difficult to use also. I have had more bumps and scratches from the concrete walls surrounding the steepest car park in the town than anywhere before. Elderly drivers  with less mobility are likely to find it harder than me to swing around in.

Burnside in Exmouth is another example or purpose built retirement properties and social housing for the elderly and disabled. It has what I consider to be a fairly steep slope to the main road for the local shops and bus stop. This also means it is a steep walk for an elderly/infirm person back up, especially for those who live at the top.

I would ask planners of the future to consult with elderly people or those who care for them before they by land and start building. Don’t think now think living longer !!



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