Patient bedside TV/Phone

this image shows a young lady watching hospital TV

Should the TV be free ?

For many, during a hospital stay, the only source of entertainment for many is the bedside TV. This is charged for though and many people I know can spend up to £60 in one week. Is this exploitation or just a great business model?

I personally have always thought that they were exploiting patients but delving a little deeper, maybe this is not the case. Hospedia who supply this service to our main general hospital in Exeter does offer some Free TV time. They say on their advertising material that there is Free TV on channels 1-5 from 8am until 12 noon. Good and well if you like what’s on then but what if you are a soap addict, not that I am, but what if I don’t want to miss Emmerdale, Corrie or East Enders? Then you pay. Starting at £5.

Have you ever tried to top-up one of the TV units? I thought I was relatively intelligent but this took me a while to fathom out and I still managed to make the wrong selection and cost my patient more money.

The phone is handy if you don’t have a mobile. Hospediaadvertise  that you can have free calls 24/7 to 01,02 and 03 numbers. You can also use this TV to access the internet, which is handy as the hospital WIFI is also charged for if you are able to connect.

What do you think? Entertainment or exploitation. I would love to hear your thoughts.





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