A helping hand with jar lids


this image shows a jam jar containing pickled onions  Can’t open jars ?

Do you know someone who really struggles to open jar lids ?

I am a relative youngster but find jar lids a challenge to open at times. It’s usually the pickle or pickled onion ones. The other week I just was not able to open a jar of my Mums finest homemade chutney and resorted to stabbing a hole in the lid. This is obviously really dangerous for an elderly person to do. So what is the solution to this problem ?

There are several options available from a simple  rubber jar & bottle opener which offers additional grip, I use rubber gloves personally to an electric one handed jar opener.

I have personally used the one touch opener from culinare and whilst they are very effective, they are more expensive than other options at the £29 price mark. However there is no physical effort required at all making it ideal for anyone with disabled hands from injury or arthritis or in my case just weakening hands.

this image shows a one touch jar opener from culinaire

To see just how easy this is here is a short video clip showing it in action. It is also ideal for anyone who is left handed and may find jars more difficult than someone right handed.

There are also many other options available but I particularly like this Multi Opener  because it also features a handy ring pull feature for tins.

this image shows a multi purpose jar openerThis is a mid range price wise too costing £12 with free UK delivery from Amazon.





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