Hospice Care House Clearance

hospicecare house clearance

Hospice Care House Clearance – A Fantastic Fundraiser !

This is a local to me initiative, in Devon – England, that could be adopted by any of the large charities nationwide. If you have ever been in the situation of needing to clear a property quickly you will know how little you are paid for the contents.

I remember when my Mother in Law died, we had 4 weeks to completely clear her council bungalow and used a local house clearance company. We felt completely exploited as he literally paid £100 for the entire contents. It did the job though and we met our time deadline.

Imagine how much more positive the experience would have been if we knew the proceeds from the sale of the goods was going to benefit a worthy cause and not an individual.

Hospice Care is a Devonian Cancer Charity. Ironically one of my home help ladies, Pamela Farmer was one of the founding members. Pam, who I have been working with for 17 years now sadly has dementia, however I will ask her if she remembers her part is establishing such a worthwhile Charity.

Two Services Available.

Hospice Care are offering customers a two tiered service. For the complete house clearance service where the property is left completely empty  there is a fee.

The partial house clearance service offers as it says, a partial house clearance! They will take items away saleable items that have been sorted and packed. This service is FREE. All profits from the Hospice Care house clearance service go directly to Hospiscare patients and their families in Exeter, mid and east Devon.

I am sure you will agree that this is a brilliant idea and one that other charities could easily replicate.  Let me know our thoughts.


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