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Care Share


Big Ideas competition flyer

CARE SHARE – The multi-organisational and societal approach to eldercare.

I entered this competition to raise awareness and share ideas, never in a million years did I think I would get to the finals!!! London March 28th. eeek

We all know that Social Care is in crisis, homes closing at an alarming rate, agencies struggling to provide carers to meet the demand for domiciliary care. The media, rightly so, are quick to highlight abuse and neglect but slow to praise the dedicated carers who battle on despite the negativity surrounding their vocation.

We have to accept that the current Government does not have the solution. Left holding the social care parcel, the music has stopped and the party is over, demand is increasing and provisions are lacking. The care crisis has snowballed into an avalanche of issues faster than you can say “Baby Boomers”.

CARE SHARE is my blend of financial provision and attitudinal approach. I believe we all have a part to play in the care of our elderly in society, that it is not the responsibility of Governments to scoop them up “warehousing” until the day comes!

SME’s and larger corporates could all play their part with tax concessions for CARE SHARE donations and funding. Sponsored care beds and rehabilitation homes would reduce the care constipation currently experienced by elderly people trapped in hospitals after falls or illness. Rehabilitation for the health of the Nation!

People, not profits, care not conglomerates. There are very human costs, the preservation of dignity and pride at the end of life should be the norm – not an unexpected bonus.

CARE SHARE is a whole of life (cryptocurrency?) investment plan starting at birth when relatives can gift funds rather than presents with an initial start-up contribution from the Government. Older children will be incentivised and rewarded for staying healthy following this on into adulthood.

Credits would be added to the plan for smoking cessation, good diet, and physical activity, Lifestyle factors are known to improve both physical and economic well-being with healthier workforces.

A min of 3% of all earned income from the age of 16 would be deducted at source and paid into the CARE SHARE plan with regular and lump sum added when possible. Unpaid carers would receive free credits equal to full-time work. There is no access to funds apart from on diagnosis of a terminal illness.

CARE SHARE’s Investment plan along with a Government-funded improved rate of (coin purchase) growth over the course of adult life would realise growth.

The fund would be used to pay towards care needs. A Government CARE SHARE bond issue would be another useful addition to this proposal.

Any CARE SHARE funds not needed due to death would be paid to family members for funeral costs reducing dependency on State benefits. Where there are no dependents, funds would be invested in a holding fund and when sufficient distributed to those unable to make additional contributions themselves for health or economic reasons.

This would make access to good care easier for less advantaged elderly people, create an equal society in old age. Dignity before Departure.

Investment in the care sector would be limited to land and bricks and mortar, leaving the management of care provisions to people who genuinely care about the elderly, not just about profiteering from them! (Contentious issue)

I am keen to see social care as a viable long-term career with investment into recruiting and training people. Higher pay and greater recognition for the professional job they do will quickly leave the tabloids devoid of scandal. Whilst the Retail sector is starting to wobble as an employment option, the care profession has its doors and arms wide open.

Local and national business involvement and sponsorship opportunities will forge a sense of unity, not “them and us”. As a Nation, we have become all about “self” our needs distracting from the needs of our elderly until directly affected.

Putting nurseries into care homes enables more young parents to access to work, improving skill sets, independence, social and financial mobility. It is also brilliant for the elderly residents the sheer energy of young children is invigorating. Responsible for aged relatives? Welcome to multi-age daycare.

CARE SHARE is a shared value model, win-win for all. Private rental is out of the price range for many young people, those choosing to live with elderly people in home share initiatives would be paid extra “credits” for reducing the need for residential and NHS care, loneliness is a killer.

Putting CARE SHARE into society will give a sense of belonging, together we can make a difference. A CARE SHARE lottery and a scratch card would win credits for your plan whilst marketing and be raising brand awareness thus creating a more positive attitude towards eldercare and old age.

CARE SHARE – less of a product or policy and more of a revolutionary approach to care needs of our future Nation.

(This could also be in the form of Crypto Credits)


Award-winning blogger and former care columnist for Devon Life magazine. I am passionate about helping elderly people and people with dementia live purposeful and independent lives.
Designer of the Dementia Assistance Card and Points Of Light award recipient, Caron hopes to help carers when resources are limited and demand is ever-increasing. I am here to support you.

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