This image is shows a large white window pane. It has one large single centre panel and two equal length ones divided in two. In total there are 5 windows. Their is a window blind and it is almost to the window sill. Just above the window sill is a green sheet of card attached to the window. The card is part of a simple alert system to allow elderly people to signal whether they are OK or need help

Simple Alert System

This simple alert system uses coloured card as indicators with green for “OK”, amber ” I could use some help” and red “I NEED help now”. Such a simple idea it is genius. Ideal for anyone elderly or vulnerable.

This image shows an Easy Storage team. Their are two men loading a bike onto a van via the double side doors. The van is orange and white

Easy Storage

Easy Storage is the perfect solution to your downsizing, moving or storage needs. No stress storage solutions with collection, storage and your items returned to you when needed. They do the hard work so you don’t have to worry.

How good are Jelly Drops? This image shows a selection of small clear tear-drop shaped pots filled with coloured water filled sweets.

How Good Are Jelly Drops?

A hydration revolution. Jelly Drops have been available since 2020 and helped thousands of people who struggle with adequate fluid intake. But just how good are they?

Over 10 million of its engaging fruit treats have now been sold so if you haven’t heard of them before and don’t know if they are worth buying please read the rest of this post.

This article is called "Footwear For People Who Have Had A Stroke". This image shows an ankle boot that is black. It has a flat rubber sole and a slightly elevated heel. The boot is mid calf height and has two velcro straps to fasten.

Footwear for Someone Who Has Had A Stroke

Footwear for someone who has had a Stroke needs to be comfortable and easy to put on and remove. Feet can become swollen if you or someone you care for are immobile for any period. This is highly likely in the period following a Stroke.

Your footwear also needs to fit well and have a good grip to prevent the risk of having a fall when starting to mobilise again.