TV remote controls for those with sight loss

remote controls for those with sight loss

Remote Controls for those with sight loss

I personally feel it is essential to help those with sight loss remain independent (and stress free) for as long as possible and am always looking for ways to facilitate this. For many people television is a valued source of both entertainment and company and conventional controls become stressful to use as sight loss increases.

Remote controls for those with sight loss vary is size, style and price.

The image shown above is the Tek Pal – Universal Large Button TV Remote Control
( THIS CAN NOT BE USED with Televisions that use a cable or satellite box)

This remote will significantly

  • Reduce the chances of hitting the wrong button and accidentally changing important settings.
  • It only has 6 big buttons: Power Volume Up Volume Down Channel Up Channel Down Mute
  • Comfortable to hold and use this remote is arthritis-friendly because the large buttons take no effort to press.
  • There are no codes to enter. This remote can be used with a cable ready TV but not with TVs that use a cable or satellite box.
  • Details: Requires 2 AA batteries; Overall Dimensions: 5.5″ L x 2.75″ W x 1″ D; Button Dimensions: Approx. 0.75″; Weight (with batteries): 5 oz

Prices start at  £21.99

Doro are well known for their user friendly mobile phones, with easy to use features and large buttons but they also offer TV remote controls for those with sight loss.

Doro easy handle remote controls


Features of this remote control for those with sight loss are:

  • 7 programmable keys
  • Hard keys for best tactile feeling
  • Learning function allows you to learn from your existing remote control
  • Compatibility to RC5 RC6 IR equipment and all major brands of TV’s videos DVD’s and stereos
  • Ringer off setting

 Here is a customer review of the remote.

“Bought this for my elderly Aunt who was constantly pressing the wrong buttons on her TV remote and getting very confused and upset. This device is very simple to program, and works very well.

It does exactly what I was hoping for and she can now operate the basic TV functions herself confidently. The only downside of only having up/down channel movement is that it can take some time to scroll back to the beginning of your channels, so I configured the one ‘spare’ programmable button to always set the TV to BBC1 (channel 1).

This means that if my Aunt ever gets confused, all she does is press this magic button to get back to BBC1 from where she can start again. Simple, robust, easy to program and operate – what more could you want? ”

To find other other TV remote controls for those with sight loss

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Award-winning blogger and former care columnist for Devon Life magazine. I am passionate about helping elderly people and people with dementia live purposeful and independent lives.
Designer of the Dementia Assistance Card and Points Of Light award recipient, Caron hopes to help carers when resources are limited and demand is ever-increasing. I am here to support you.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this with me Matthew. What a great idea! I need one as I have the remote so little at home I don’t know what half the buttons do! Sadly, I am not joking. Needs to know basis as I tend to be on my laptop in my spare time writing for my blog. I will check this out and share it with my readers. It sounds so useful. Sorry for the slow response but I have been away. Once again, thank you and please spread the word about Caron Cares.

  2. I found a device that simplifies the remote control, but it’s not an actual remote control. Button Blocker is a cover that fits onto the remote control (no programming with the TV!) that covers all but the most necessary buttons.
    Works pretty good- especially for seniors with blindness, dementia, alzheimer’s, arthritis, and other joint problems.
    The downside is that it’s only available for certain remotes now, but you can sign up on the website when they make other remotes…

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