Talking clocks

a clock that speaks the time

Talking Clocks for those with sight loss.

Knowing the time is important for all of us. When to get up, have lunch, phone someone and go to bed. For a person with sight loss this part of daily living can be made easier with the aid of talking clocks. Many of these devices are either a digital alarm clock displaying both the time and also speaking it when a button is pressed.

One of my clients bought one recently and it is his new toy! I don’t need to wear a watch when I am with him as I get updated every five minutes !

Starting at a reasonable £6.00 or so different models offer different functions. The one featured above is from the RNIB ( Royal National Institute for the Blind and is one of the more expensive ones offering the following features;

  • Talking clock with radio control feature that sets the time and date automatically when a radio signal is received, no more having to set the time manually when the clocks change
  • Press the large black button on the top, once to hear the time, or press and hold to hear the time and date (spoken as date, month, year and day)
  • Adjust volume with the large rotary control on the front of the clock
  • Alarm function
  • Supplied with four AA batteries

Use this link to read more about the range of talking clocks available.



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