Arm Protectors

this image shows a person with folded arms wearing a blue top.

Arm Protectors for carers

I caused an absolute hoo-hah the other week on social media when I shared the photo below of me wearing a GIP arm protector. As an eldercare blogger I see it as my responsibility to share with readers what is new to market and innovative. It doesn’t necessarily always mean I endorse the product.

GIP skins are one such product, a little like Marmite people either love the idea of them and see the benefit or don’t! People who have cared for loved ones with dementia sadly know that in some instances due to the nature of the disease it is not uncommon to be attacked and injured on the arms.

this image shows me wearing an arm protector at a care show in London

One former carer has sought to address this issue, which often leads to either permanent scarring or at least skin infections. GIP skins which stand for Grip Infection Protection System are PPE arm sleeves which cover and protect the length of the carers arm.

Whilst I didn’t necessarily like the fit of the skins but I do appreciate the degree of protection afforded. They are scratch, bite and tear resistant and designed for maximum comfort and breathability. They can be wiped clean or washed to 95 degrees and are latex free whilst providing antimicrobial protection.

They come in 7 sizes depending on the bicep circumference and in two flesh colours. Prices start at £34.99 and can be ordered here.

Many people have expressed support for this product and whilst it may still be slightly contentious, it is personal choice and they only need to be worn at certain times not all day/shift.

I can also see the GIP skins being worn by elderly people when they are perhaps being moved up the bed or rolled over to help protect their frail and incredibly thin skin.


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