What happens if I die without a Will ?

this image shows part of a last will and testament


What happens if someone dies without leaving a Will.


No one likes to think about dying but death is one of lifes certainties, we just don’t know when it will happen.

To make sure your wishes are carried out after your death and any gifts either financial or material are correctly distributed to people you must have a valid Will.

What happens if someone dies without a  Will?  Who will inherit the deceased’s estate?

If someone dies without a will, there are rules for deciding who inherits the estate. The outcome depends on the deceased’s personal circumstances.

If they were married or in a civil partnership when they died, the first person entitled to the estate is their spouse or civil partner. The spouse or civil partner will not necessarily inherit all of it. The amount they would inherit depends on how much is in the estate, and which blood relatives survive.

Different rules apply depending on whether the deceased person died before or after 1 February 2009.

These rules are complex, but information is available from the Justice website.

If you were partners but weren’t married or civil partners

If you weren’t married or registered civil partners, you won’t automatically get a share of your partner’s estate if they don’t make a will.

For more details visit Direct.Gov


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