this image shows a white bowl containing tomato soup

Keep warm, stay well

this image shows a white bowl containing tomato soup

Stay warm, stay well

Blimey it’s cold out there! Here are some quick tips to getting and staying warm.

Plenty of soup and hot drinks. Cuppa soups also warm your hands. Wear gloves inside, I don’t care if you think you will look silly, if you are warm you will feel happier. Wear a hat in bed to keep the warmth in, most of our body heat is lost through our heads.

Extra blankets on the bed or an electric one is ideal if someone is safe to use one, bed socks and try fleecy flannelet sheets instead of cool cotton ones. Fleecy tops can be snuggly too.

Close your curtains, even if it isn’t dark. The amount of heat lost through even double glazed windows makes a big difference. Door curtains can help too. If you are less mobile wear a scarf to keep your neck warm too, I do when I am working from home, or wear a roll neck jumper. Lots of layers trap warmth better than one thick one and try to stay warm rather than get cold and try to heat up.

If you are chilled, perhaps you have been out shopping, try a hot bath or shower to warm you up faster. I know when my boys were little, standing on the football touchlines for 2 hours in the cold, a hot bath was the only thing to defrost me.

Thermal everything, socks, leggings, tights, snuggly PJ’s they all help keep the warmth in. Close your internal doors too, this helps keep rooms warmer, rather than letting it all escape upstairs. If you are worried about your fuel costs get someone to speak to your energy provider. They may have a deferred payment scheme or some special provisions for vulnerable people.

Get me to send you a FREE Age UK room thermometer, message me or email me at caroncares01@gmail.comĀ  and let me have your address.


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