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The Dementia Assistance Card – Feedback 

Being free to all I really thought the Dementia assistance card would have found its’ wings and really flown out of the door but slow and steady wins the race. Sadly dementia is not going anywhere and these cards are sticking around!!.

Just over the 3,00th download of the assistance card I thought I would share some of the feedback with you. These lovely comments make the project worthwhile. Please feel free to help me spread the word.


Thanks to these cards my daddy can go to his club everyday, he has one on his house keys,another incorporated in his wallet and another at the moment attached inside his winter hat. Now we are not as stressed and by that I mean dad too. When he goes out, he keeps to his own comfortable radias but  on occasions he has gone a bit off track. He has twice shown his card, and thank God the person has called me. These cards are giving my dad not just his bit of independence but at 80yrs also some semblance of life, please try these cards. Thank you. Caronxx


Thankyou for Eddys dementia alert cards that have just arrived,hes got one on his keychain,one in his wallet and one pinned inside his coat he feels very important as they have his name on he told the postman they are his business cards lol

Lorraine Soloman.

Thank you Caron Sprake for my future lifesavers, beautifully done xx

Lorayne Burgess( age 50)

I have them Caron, but have to be careful with mum because she doesn’t think anything is wrong with her.  I carry mine but can’t sneak it in her bag because she keeps going through it.    I tell everyone about them so I’m trying in the South East.

Lesley Gillingham

This is an absolutely fantastic thing that you have done Caron, I just wish I’d known of them when Mam was still able to shop etc, your work is tireless and so so many people suffering from these cruel diseases and their families will be hugely grateful for them for years to come flower!! Xxx

Rachel Alldread.

They are a definite must have, the ones you made for me, one is tied to my bag which I take everywhere with me. They make me feel that I’m not alone. Thank you xxxx

Diane Peake.

great idea…I will use them when we take residents on trips out, it helps them to have a bit more freedom and independence as well =) x

Jan Millward

Caron, I’m going to create them for users with mental health conditions when they are in the community. I have that meeting on the 18th which will hopefully see these babies being used on a huge scale xxx

Gayle Everest

I am an Activity coordinator in a care home in Dorset. I think these cards are a wonderful idea and have passed the link to my manager. I organise trips out on a regular basis to gardens, the seaside, stately homes etc. These cards are a back up for us and help our residents maintain their independence whilst away from the home. By carrying these cards, in the unlikely event someone was to get separated from the group, by showing this card, they would potentially avoid stress and worry as we could be quickly contactable. Thank you for adding another tool to our tool chest, the added bonus is that this is free!

Please help me spread the word.

I will make 4 cards for anyone who is unable to make some and send them out in the post. This is also free of charge. Such is my commitment this cause.


Award-winning blogger and former care columnist for Devon Life magazine. I am passionate about helping elderly people and people with dementia live purposeful and independent lives.
Designer of the Dementia Assistance Card and Points Of Light award recipient, Caron hopes to help carers when resources are limited and demand is ever-increasing. I am here to support you.

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  1. Thanks Caron you are life saver,Great idea

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