Why Do The Elderly Shake

a black and white photo of elderly hands

Why do the elderly shake?

One of my clients  has developed very shaky hands. It has got the the point he can needs to hold a cup in both hands to be able to steady it. If he carries a cup of coffee some of it spills.

This caused me to ask myself  “Why do the elderly shake?”

Here are my findings.

A hand tremor is an involuntary trembling, or shaking. They can occur at any age but are more common in older people.

If the tremor happens doing nothing it is known as a Static Tremor.

Kinetic Tremors happen when when the hand is in use such as writing or picking up something.

Caffeine and alcohol are both stimulants and excessive consumption of either can cause tremors.

Stress ,tiredness and anxiety along with over use of the hands causes tremors.

Low blood sugar will cause tremors.

Some medication may cause tremors and there is medication available to control them too.

In Parkinson’s disease tremors are one of the first symptoms

If you or someone you know is experiencing tremors the first stop is your GP who may conduct a complete blood count, blood differential, glucose test and thyroid function tests. He may also order a urine test, MRI or CT scan.

There is also a cup for people with tremor that stops the contents from spilling so badly.

this is a picture of a special non slip mug.

This is the “Easy 2 Drink Mug” mug.Designed to stop the slopping wave action of liquids when the mug is carried or moved, the Easy 2 drink mug has a very clever design indeed. It is an attractive, traditional-looking anti tremor mug but with a difference – it is supplied with the Easy 2 drink insert – a plastic drinking aid that lives inside the cup and helps to prevent splashes, scalds and spills. The insert can be used in temperatures from 0 to 100 degrees Celsius, and can be easily removed and washed in a dishwasher.

Research is also underway into both cups and cutlery that contain a technology that counteracts a shake or tremor. Watch this space.


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