A Senior Christmas Thought

this image shows a delicious plate of mince pies


 Written  by Pearl Whitehead on 11th December 2014 

Pearl is a Caron Cares reader and newsletter subscriber who contacted me regarding her Festive observation. Pearl writes “Our family Christmas day has always been celebrated at my house.

As my children married and moved away, my elderly relatives moved house to be where I could care for them, in the same village! So, at Christmas I always had a full house. Now the elderly relatives have died and my daughter has decided she would like to organise the family Christmas at her house – to make things easier for me! Six of us on Christmas day and fourteen of us overnight on Boxing day.

I first volunteered to make the mince pies and then to make Christmas crackers, (to give me something to do!) I now find I am also making the stuffing – “we all like your stuffing mum”! Next the cranberry sauce – “I don’t like it but the children will like it, so can you make it? Also, can Dad make some of his shortbread and ginger biscuits?”

The next text message – “add pillows and duvets to your list mum, as we don’t have enough for fourteen people”!

I am beginning to think it might have been easier to have Christmas at my house, but my daughter wants to make Christmas easier for me now that I am the senior member of our family!

Pearl Whitehead.

Pearl is the author of the short but insightful book Caring for an Elderly Person at Home available using this link from Amazon. Price £5.99



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