Older Drink Drivers

this image shows two glasses of alcohol over ice


The number of older drink drivers is on the increase !

According to a survey the number of over 75’s drinking and driving over the legal limit has risen since 2010 by 20%.

(Whilst I personally don’t think older drivers drink to gain driving confidence however I will still share this with you.)

If you are concerned about an elderly relative driving when they have had a drink or two then the AA  Automobile Association Charitable Trust offers a free Drive Confident course for nervous or lapsed drivers. The Charities President Edmund King said they had funded more than 10,000 places on these courses. To find out more visit their site using the link here.

Whilst I am passionate about maintaining the independence of the elderly I do not condone drink driving and have reported known offenders to the police. I would suggest if you know someone who is testing the law it may be worth buying an alcohol sensor so an elderly person can test to see if they are fit to drive. Many  elderly people are sadly are still in the days when it was not against the law to drink and drive.



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